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Bali: impromptu March trip

IMG_4237Yup, we took an ‘impromptu’ trip to Bali this March. We were planning on just taking a week-long road trip through the southern part of the US… but then we checked ticket prices for some of our bucket-list places, and Bali happened to be cheap… so, Bali it was! 30 hours of travel there (via a layover in Qatar), 30 hours of travel back (via the same layover), and 6 days on the beautiful island of Bali in-between :o)

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Sweet Rye Bread

Although I love my Standard Bread Recipe, I wanted to break away and try something new!  I’ve always loved rye bread, so thought I’d take a crack at it.  This version is a bit sweeter than I would usually want, but as I get further through the loaf I’m liking it more and more.  The slight sweetness of the bread makes it an excellent pairing with cheese!

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Israel x2

Sam and I recently went to Israel for the second time (and the second time in one year I might add).  This time around, we went to visit friends of ours that just had a baby and to explore their hometown of Tel Aviv.  We got a sense of what it’s like to live with a 4-month old; and wow- they really need your attention ALL THE TIME.  (Those smiles and giggles though, sometimes you work hard for them, but man do they make it all worth it!)  We really liked Tel Aviv as a city.  It’s an older city, with few tall buildings, and has that old-construction-new-construction vibe going on.  It’s a great ‘wandering’ city; so many pockets of different neighborhoods to run into.  And then there’s the beaches.  Oh the beaches (!), they are glorious!  I could spend all day there.  We popped into Yaffo for an afternoon, exploring the old stone city and having a fantastic brunch overlooking the Mediterranean Sea from above.  The view of Tel Aviv from Yaffo is breathtaking. Continue reading “Israel x2”

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Troubled Tummy?

This article–How does digestion work and how can I improve mine?–is a great blog post by on the key points of digestion.  The section on ways to support healthy digestion is particularly useful, and spot on with the current research and understanding of the way macro and micronutrients function in our system.  As someone who suffers from frequent digestive upset, I find it useful to continually go back and read/re-read articles such as this; it’s a great refresher!  Two thumbs up :o)

Microwave Ovens and Health: To Nuke, or Not to Nuke?

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This is a great article on the Authority Nutrition blog summarizing the pros, cons, and occasional caution of using microwave ovens.  I personally use a microwave oven and have never really understood the scare around using them, nor have I really believed that using one drastically depletes my food of nutrients; it’s nice to have an article validate my thoughts as well as sum up all I would want to know about microwaves in a nice, neat little package :o)

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Chocolate Chia Protein Mini Loaves

Lately I’ve been really into using protein powder in my baking.  On Friday mornings I have to head straight from the yoga studio to class.  I need an easy-to-pack-and-consume superfood breakfasts that I can either eat on the subway to class or in class without being too distracting and making a giant mess…  Regular superfood bars don’t seem to keep me satiated for the 3 hour class, but I’m finding the addition of some extra protein helps!  My latest obsession is different versions of these protein mini-loaves.  Here is this morning’s creation :o)

Chocolate Chia Protein Mini Loaf

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